Productions From the Past and Present

Sailing boat and marine vessel promotions

Below is a small collection of what you get in the 'Marine Package' we offer boat owners and charters alike. A professionally edited video production shot in either HD or 4K, along with many aerial photographs of your boat in both Jpeg and DNG format. This particular production was for the 'UGG' entrant of this years Sydney to Hobart.

This 'Marine Package' is the perfect gift for  aboat owner, or for the owner themselves to capture fantastic images and footage of their beloved craft. Shot using a 2 man crew off another boat, ensures some great angles are achieved and safety is kept at the highest level. We hold an around the clock exemption on Sydney Harbour at no extra charge.


Chateau Elan, Hunter Valley

Shot using a single man crew, the Chateau Elan came up a treat. This resort hotel is situated on the beautiful Vintage Golf Course in the Hunter Valley and the course is ranked 41st in Australia as of 2015 results.

This particular production, was shot, edited and returned to management inside 3 days. If you have a short deadline, we can help deliver inside the time frame.

A drone collection

featuring a collection of different car promotions we have been involved with, city scapes and various other productions. Eagle-Eye Aerials did not just happen overnight, we have tried to supply to the market place a very professional experience and high quality product. We will continue to raise the bar on ourselves over 2016.

Indoor Factory Flying

Chief Pilot: Bill Blair

DOP: Steve Davis

Genre: Promotional

Mastering indoor flying takes time and patience. Once learnt, it can be a very useful skill to offer our clients. This collection of Factory interior shots has been put together to demonstrate what can be achieved by our guys. The replacement of Dolly's and Jib's can certainly save you time and money.

Blue Scope Steel - Mining Inspection

Chief Pilot:  Bill Blair

Camera Operator:  Antony Grieve

Genre:  Mining



Coal pile inspections were the operation of the day. Taking a collection of both still photographs and vision was the request.

Capturing these images for Blue Scope Steel saved a lot in time and money for the company. We cut a selection of the vision for this demo reel.


A lazy Sunday Morning With The Fleet

Chief Pilot:  Bill Blair

DOP:  Craig

Genre:  Tourism - The Entrance NSW



AS UAV pilots and flight crew, when the weather puts it on,

we get it on and head out to fly. Here is some recently shot vision

from one such occasion using our trusty S1000 with 5D, Phantom 2 with GoPro and Sony NEX 7 on a Evo rig.



The SCG and Surrounds

Captured using GoPro,  we recently were invited to fly

inside the iconic SCG. We have also included some recent

early morning Sydney captures. Notice how windy the SCG is, the Phantom 2 just carves it up.

Bush Wacked

On location with Mint Pictures for Bush Wacked, the ABC series.

Spent the day following the guys through the bush, off cliffs and over rivers.

Phantom 2 delivered in 2.7K quality on this occasion.

The beauty of this little machine is that you can fly it in and around trees with the worry of generated winds.

Data managed and vision delivered same day on flash drives.

Early mornings are a great time to fly

A beautiful time of day to fly no matter what the machine. This entire video clip was filmed using our Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3 Black edition camera.

Using a few post production techniques, these cameras can be made to look good.