Drone School Australia

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Come and join in this exciting and fast paced industry legally

Why Choose Drone School Australia?

Our team of instructors have lived it. What you are wanting to do with your careers, we all had the same plan and did it. Our guys have got their hands dirty in the drone industry across the last 4 years filming for many different industries along the way. We can teach you about how to interact with CASA, gain exemptions, fly safe and get plenty of work. Learn from the guys who do it on a daily basis, we can answer any industry questions you may have and we can even offer some of you work experience on jobs to help you get confident in your chosen career path. We want this industry to be around a long time, and our goal is to supply you the student with the tools to go out and grow this industry in a positive way.


Licensing is a very real and important part of any UAV flying. These machines can be very dangerous and a good understanding of how they work is key to keeping not only yourself safe as well as the surrounding public and property.


Insurance is also a big factor when you choose to fly commercially, that is making money off the drone. Being insured proves the company is legitimate and covers public liability up to $20 million.


CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is our governing body. Like any commercial aircraft, you need a licence.


Licensing Rules

Can only fly up to an altitude of 400 feet

Not in a built up poplulous area

Not within 30 meters to anyone not associated with the machine (Approval to 15 meters available)

Only fly within visual line of site

Day time flight night time exemptions available to licensed pilots

Not within 3 NM of a airport (exemptions available)

Outside controlled airspace (exemptions available)



We are located in Terrey Hills, Sydney NSW and offer courses in Sydney, Central Coast and Brisbane areas.


Course Outline and what is achieved at conclusion of 5 days

Remote Pilot Certificate (Operators Certificate) up to 7kgs

Radio Operators Certificate including English proficency test

Hands on flght training including preperation, set up, risk assessments, JSA's, basic maintenance, 

aviation chart reading, Oz Runways explained, battery use and transporting.

All correspondance to CASA at the conclusion to organise your license


Optional 6th day of intensive learn to shoot from the air and use your system to full potential.

Our instructor for this day has had many years experience as a camera operator and drone pilot shooting on all kinds of productions including: Real Estate, Television Shows, Feature Films, Live Sport, Stadium Events and many many night shoots. You will learn how to manually use your camera, shoot and set up shots as a 1 man operation, data manage for your clients and planning


Course Requirements

You only need to organise a ARN number which you can get online from the CASA website

Our experienced instructors teach all levels of pilots in training from never seen a drone before to the experienced looking to get legal.









Those That Can Do TEACH.

Aeronautical Charts
Aerial Video Australia, Aerial Video Productions
Restricted Airspace
Aerial Video Australia, Aerial Video Productions
Risk Management
Aerial Video Australia, Aerial Video Productions

We want you to leave this course with the confidence to excel in this industry in a professional and safe manner


Bill Blair - Chief Pilot